Your Skills, For A Better World

What is PAMAfrica?

PAMAfrica is an award winning charity organisation which supports the development of clean energy projects to improve the lives and well being of African communities through providing FREE skilled expertise.

We believe that expertise and support is needed to provide clean energy development in Africa, however this comes at a high cost to projects making them unsuccessful. Our solution is to facilitate the donation of skilled support from volunteers around the globe. Skilled volunteers can donate their flexible time, expertise, contacts and other resources to support growing businesses or projects.

How can PAMAfrica support you?

PAMAfrica skilled donors can provide the following support to eligible businesses/projects:

  • Business Development
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Operation and technical expertise
  • Marketing and Promotions (e.g influencers, media, ambassadors)
  • Mentorship and Training
  • Other resource contributions towards charitable causes.

Am I eligible to receive support?

In order to receive support from PAMAfrica, you'll have to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a clean energy project or business which benefits an African community (operations of the project or business does not have to be located in an African country).
  • Become a supporting member of PAMAfrica.

How can you offer support?

Anyone with a suitable professional background can offer support. As a skills donor, you can donate whatever skill you have and you'll be surprised by its impact - whether you’re a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Business Analyst or Engineer, we can use your help.

Why not contribute your design skills and participate in a Packaging Design Programme for a sustainable start-up in Africa? Or use your website design skills to help a sustainable business enhance their marketability. You choose how much skilled time you can provide.

Become a skills donor by sending us a message.