Your Skills, For A Better Africa

About Us

PAM Africa is a charity organisation which supports the development of businesses and projects to improve the life and well being of African communities through providing FREE skilled expertise.

We believe that expertise and support is needed to provide sustainable development in Africa, however this comes at a high cost to projects making them unsuccessful. Our solution is to facilitate the donation of skilled support from volunteers around the globe. Skilled volunteers can donate their flexible time, expertise, contacts and other resources to support growing businesses or projects with a charitable cause in Africa.

Mr Patrick Agese is the Founder and a skills donor at PAM Africa. At the tender age of 11, Patrick started developing Solar PV projects with his father in Delta State, Nigeria. These projects were to help provide clean water for rural villages. He then furthered on to study renewable energy in the UK and worked for large energy organisations such as Givaudan and Anesco. His dream was to one day return to Africa and help develop a sustainable future for the people.His work across Nigeria has helped over 60 people in attaining basic amenities such as electricity, water and food.

Facts and Figures

Results are published at the end of each year.