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By: Patrick Agese | October 09, 2018

PAMAfrica founder Patrick Agese was named a finalist for the 2018 Black British Buisness Awards.  The Black British Business Awards (BBBAwards) is the only premium awards programme that
celebrates exceptional performance and outstanding achievements of black people in businesses
operating in Great Britain. Supported and endorsed by government, the BBBAwards seeks to uncover
inspirational role models and ambassadors who represent the very best talent in organisations across
various sectors in the British economy.

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By: Patrick Agese | August 22, 2015

The maths for Africa’s clean energy future is adding up. Solar lamps are spreading like fireflies across Ghana. A first-of-its-kind solar farm in Rwanda is providing electricity for 15,000 rural homes. Utility-scale solar and wind projects are being built in Morocco and Kenya. As technology costs keep tumbling, centralised and decentralised renewable projects such as these will become increasingly attractive, especially when compared with the costly diesel fuel generation that provides much of the continent’s power in rural areas.

Yet, as reporter Tom Jackson previously pointed out in Ensia, hundreds of millions of Africans — including more than 75 percent of the populations in countries such as Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Uganda — ...

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